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The Greatest Player of All Time Ok, tell me who you think the greatest player of all time is and why. Please give indepth reasons why you think whomever you choose is the greatest. Thanks. John Mikhail Tal. Mikhail Tal was a brilliant chess player.He was not at his best throughout much of his life because of sickness.He went undefeated for two very long periods,playing against many strong players.Tal was an attacking genius at the board. His… More: chess online
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Praatschaak 7 Nederlandstalige thread over schaken met, op het moment, twee inspraakschaakpartijen op board #501441 en board #501488 tussen Belgi� en Nederland. Keiserpaul Laat je ons ook weten waar we dat artikel ergens kunnen terug vinden? Mijn interesse is in ieder geval gewekt. Lucas zal verschijnen in UON (Unorthodox Openings Newspaper), en dit op het web. Zou normaal in juni zijn, maar misschien komt er in dit geval wel een speciale editie… More: backgammon online
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When to resign a �lost� game? Numerous times while reading these forums, I have come across the comment that a person who does not resign a �lost� position is somehow participating in unsportsmanlike conduct. It has been implied by some that to make your opponent play through many �unnecessary� moves is somehow rude. I, however, have always been of the opinion that the game is not over until the fat lady sings. In many �won� endgames a single… More: online chess
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Topalov v Fritz Game 7 Latest news : Topalov's manager Silvio Danailov now accuses Kramnik of using Fritz 9 to make his moves. Apparently in the games so far, a total of 74% of Kramnik's moves (after the end of the opening theory moves) "agree with the first line of Fritz 9". Comments? Cheater? Hah, what does he expect from a chess player that is competing for the WORLD Championship? Of course, he does play the best moves possible (most of the… More: backgammon online
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Some thoughts about computer playing Eventually, I've gone through chesscafe and 'hanged' on an one article about computers against human {at first, I liked a note that computer program's operators take all things more enthusiasticly and are more excited during these 'matches' than human players... They (operators) looks for the blood} At while reading one thought hit me and I want to share it. I want to know if somebody who has chess programs… More: chess history
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Would you still play chess if it has been solved? It has been reported that checkers has been solved -> If in the near future, they managed to solve chess...would you still be playing it? Yes. 100%, without a doubt. Already here we don't play with computers, and most of the time I play people that aren't using one (elsewhere, I mean). It would change the information a bit. The thing is, the solution would be too big to play chess online…
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The Chicken Factor This article deserves an airing on Gameknot: "When cowardice is made respectable, its followers are without number both from among the weak and the strong; it easily becomes a fashion." -- Eric Hoffer If you're not going to be able to watch round six on Tuesday, don't worry, you're not likely to miss much. As an even-numbered round it's an unofficial off day and you can expect at least four of the games to be short draws. play chess online…
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Question for the experts ... If you had a solid 2 hours a day in which you could study chess, and say .. just say you were stuck around ... I don't know ... intermediate 1550 level :-) what would you study? How would YOU break up the time? What are your Strengths/Weaknesses? I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I was where you were a short time ago. Overall, it depends on what you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses. Look at games in play chess online…
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Internet Cheating It's a big problem these days. I only play casually and I don't play rated so it doesn't affect me as much as it can affect some others, but I have found that on many playing sites there are players using computer programs or handheld chess computers to calculate the moves for them. I'm not even going to speculate "why" someone would do this, I just wanted to offer my own insights. I have come up with my own devices on how to play chess online…
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the Russians why do they (and the countries in the old USSR) have so many GM's??? Because chess was (and still is) a household game in USSR. Just like American kids play video games all day long (too bad there is no World Championship in Sega ...), Russian kids play chess. Almost every single person in Russia above age 6-8 knows how to play chess. That's why they have so many strong players - when the base is so wide, it's easy to build a huge play chess online…
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Monthly Tournaments I signed up for a monthly tournament almost half a year ago. Each game was exciting and I did well the first round. I'd check how many pools had finished each day so it could continue. Well eventually I checked less often and even forgot about it. And looks like to this day our section is STILL not finished! Even though I'll have to be moved to the next section up I still have to wait and the enthusiasm is completely gone for play chess online…
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Blindfold chess Hi all, Just wondering what everyone's thoughts on blindfold chess are? Do you think that only Grand masters can play chess without the board? Or do you think it is possible that others can too? Can any of you play chess without the board? Or at least to some extent anyway? All answers are appreciated. Thanks for any replies. Greg. No, you don't have to be a GM to play blindfold chess. It's part of many chess exercises... How? play chess online…
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1.f4 ??? i've never seen this before-until now!!! what should i do against it? we're already into the game, but for next time...what's it called, by the way??? Bird's after the late Henry Bird from England. The Danish Grandmaster Bent Larsen have also played this first move many times. If you are a really romantic player, you can answer with e5!? called From's Gambit. More normal reply would be d5, c5 or Nf6. Can I suggest you answer with f5!? play chess online…
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Whoopsie Endgames. I enjoyed a a fun game as black on board #5944769 but felt I let slip a golden opportunity to get a good scalp. Apart from avoiding the blunder which cost me a sizable lead, does anyone please have any tips on how I could have played the endgame better and any other general endgame principles that I may have neglected? p.s. I did offer a draw on or about move 60 and was unsure about the etiquette of renewing my offer? play chess online…
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3-fold Rep. anytime? I've heard somewhere that the 3-fold repetition rule can be claimed if the same position occurs anytime during the game, for example on move 7, 13, and then on move 42, rather than just strictly consecutively as in move order 7,8,9 or 22,23,24. Is this true? Yes... ...provided that not only the pieces and pawns occupy the same squares each time, it is the same player to move each time, and provided precisely the same moves play chess online…
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Novice Nook # 28 Well, I'm going to give up on trying to post links in this these threads. Matt, can you or someone else do so for me, please. Thanks. This week we're looking at a tactics quiz and some reader's questions. I'll be interested in my own results on this quiz - I've been studying both a tactics book and an endgame book pretty rigorously for several weeks (my own adaptation of the De la Maza approach). Hopefully, I won't embarrass play chess online…