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astinkyfart ♡ 22 ( +1 | -1 )
chess sets i recently saw an (ALIEN VS. PREDATOR) chess set in a magazine. the price was 300 dollars and it was very nice. there will only be 5000 made. i was just wondering if anyone has an unusual chess set? im thinking of buying this one. :) on
kai_sim ♡ 63 ( +1 | -1 )
i was thinking about buying a middeval chess set. good side with knights, bishops and pawns against gnoms, trolls and dragons, with a 200 kg table, the dragon alone had a 300 grams wheight of iron and the whole thing together would have come out to about 10k canadian $. limited on 1000. but for regular play unplayable, so i decided for the nice woodden chess set in tourney size for $200 and i'm happy with it.
if i would like to have invested into a piece of art and decoration i would have gotten it, but then i gave it another thought about how playable it is and what i can do with the cash instead.
baseline ♡ 5 ( +1 | -1 )
Stinky somehow I picture you with a Homer Simpson set.
honololou ♡ 18 ( +1 | -1 )
I no longer have a need� for chess sets. The extensive use of diagrams over the last several years of playing online has
led me to the conclusion that the three-dimensionality of an actual set is really quite distracting.
i_play_slowly ♡ 187 ( +1 | -1 )
alien vs. predator? I am a huge fan of the Alien movies, and I have also seen Predator several times. The idea of an Alien vs. Predator chess set, however, does not turn me on. Firstly, I'm thinking that the upcoming movie, with neither Sigourney nor Arnie involved, is going to bomb. It would be like having a Howard the Duck chess set. Even if the movie does well, the chess set will soon go the way of pet rocks and polyester leisure suits. Everything that is "really in" will, in time, be really out. Secondly, I think that the beauty of the Staunton set is unmatchable. It's beauty lies in its utter simplicity, as could also be said about Inuit carvings and Japanese pottery. The use of plastic or other cheap materials often spoils the beauty of the Staunton set. For $300, though, you could get a weighted Staunton set made of the finest materials. Before you decide, I urge you at least to look at Staunton sets in this price range and feel the heft of the pieces in your hand. Thirdly, the Staunton set is the only set recognized at the tournament level. From the perspective of the international chess federations, if you're not playing with a Staunton set, you're not playing chess. Fourth and finally, all these novelty chess sets remind me of flavoured coffees, menthol cigarettes, models that look like mannequins, faux wood that looks like plaster, and faux plaster that looks like wood. It's as if nothing in this culture is valued unless it looks, tastes, smells, or sounds like it's trying to be what it's not. The only exception I would make about novelty chess sets is the Isle of Lewis chess set. Nothing phoney about this set. It was probably used by people who had captured Knights and Bishops in real life. The Isle of Lewis chess set reminds us of the brutal origins and the brutal essence of our game.
a_professional_idiot ♡ 26 ( +1 | -1 )
money The major store where I live has (or had) a jewel encrusted set for around 2000 $CA.

I odn�t understand why gimmicky sets cost so much, since the target market would be a much more casual crowd then the normal 4' staunton tourney-goers.
astinkyfart ♡ 79 ( +1 | -1 )
baseline funny! ... i personally dont think the movie will be a flop. a true fan of the movies doesnt watch them for the actors but then again everyone is different. i bet no one watched the old frankenstein movies to see boris karloff they wanted to see the monsters. if there was an old movie chess set i bet it would be worth some money now. of course this type of set is only worth something to the people with an interest in this. i mean if you think about it. how many of the worlds populatioin even cares about chess at all? we are a special group of people :) im not saying this set would someday increase in value but to me its still neat looking. to be honest im probably not going to buy it anyway. but im still interested in odd chess sets. i guess collecting odd chess sets could be a hobby in itself.
kai_sim ♡ 64 ( +1 | -1 )
i agree with the hobby part and think that if yo like it sooo much that you should get it!
i remember being in krakau long time ago. arround the market they allways offer chess sets to the tourists. one guy found out that my ex girlfriend is polish and took me to some place else: handcarved chess sets is what i found there. for something like 100 bucks. one i really liked but didn't want to buy... i still think about it and can't get it anymore. now i'm disapointed that i didn't buy it. maybe the same will happen to you, maybe in 20 years you'll still remember 'your' set and think why didn't i buy it??? (...the oposite is possible too, tho...)
baseline ♡ 49 ( +1 | -1 )
astinkyfart the Simpson set is really quite cute. I also have a very old Barleycorn Set I keep locked up in my safe. People collect all sorts of things I suspose you would need alot of space to display chess sets. "The art of Chess" by Colleen Schafroth has many very interesting examples of artistic sets through time. The only real question here is do you like it enough to pay the price and will it end up packed away in a closet somewhere a couple of years from now.